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Every single person has untold gifts to offer the world. Raising Change exists to empower you to make a difference. As a full-service global consulting firm and online digital platform, we equip you to find your purpose & passion, go from success to significance, and raise more money than you ever have had before. 

Raising Change offers you cutting edge tools, tips and products to change the world or your own backyard

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Kathy LeMay has raised $175 million for local,
national, and international NGOs. 

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it’s a tool.

From conflict zones to corporate boardrooms, Raising Change gives you the tools to smartly and effectively raise more money than ever before. 

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Helpful toolkits & templates. Get tactical, thoughtful tools that ACTUALLY help you raise more money and meet mission. 



FREE Monthly Webinars! Watch this month’s FREE webinar with Raising Change’s CEO, Kathy LeMay, “How to prioritize spending time in the company of donors for REAL fundraising success.” 




Listen to current fundraising success stories from the field, our CEO’s 25+ years as a professional social change fundraiser and our thinking on systems change in philanthropy and the non profit sector. 


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Many of us have the desire to make a difference. But when it comes down to it, how many really know what steps to take and how to fit philanthropy into our lives? Our founder, Kathy LeMay's book, The Generosity Plan, shows readers the unexpected benefits and joys of generosity in our daily lives. 



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Raising Change helps philanthropists throughout the globe
unleash their resources to make lasting change.

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 Kathy LeMay brings over 20+ years experience to the field of social change. 

Kathy Lemay

Visionary founder, author, speaker and strategist, Kathy came from humble beginnings and launched one of the most respected consulting firms in the social change sector... 

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"What would it look like if philanthropy was driven by humanity?
Perhaps it is time for radical compassion."

– Kathy LeMay 

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