Kathy Lemay

Kathy LeMay is an internationally-recognized public speaker, philanthropic advisor, global social change fundraiser and published author whose purpose-driven life centers on lifting up the voices, stories, leadership and influence of the women and girls around the world. Kathy speaks about the transformative life; of shifting from success to significance, and putting humanity back into modern philanthropy. She coaches social change innovators and global donors to boldly and unapologetically create the world we know is possible. Kathy's book The Generosity Plan, released by Simon & Schuster and Beyond Words in 2010, aims to put philanthropic power into the hands of regular individuals, families, and communities. Currently, Kathy is the lead philanthropic strategist behind Tostan, supporting a multi-million dollar raise to bring Tostan's Community Empowerment Program to the entirety of West Africa. She is also engaged with Beyond Carnism, Vital Voices & Refuge Point. 


  • Co-launched a program bringing millions of pounds of "edible but not sellable" fresh produce to hungry people in Washington state with Produce for the People
  • Co-led the effort to triple the organization's growth, reach, and impact with Women for Women International
  • Trained more than 70 women's funds throughout the globe to advance social justice philanthropy worldwide with the Global Women's Funding Movement
  • Trained 75 women of color and women from the Global South to lead women led organizations with the Women of Color/ International Development Incubator
  • Trained university and college leaders, community led organizations and local social change leaders to raise resources to advance their mission and passions in the Canadian Philanthropic sector

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“People in Seattle are striving to be “radically compassionate” thanks to Kathy’s LeMay’s keynote speech.  Kathy held our crowd of more than 600 people enraptured by her stories of need, action and perspective so that no one wanted her to leave the stage.  She inspired our individual power to help with empathy and heart while giving every person in the room the hope that they, too, can make a difference in the world.  WestSide Baby and Seattle were profoundly impacted by Kathy LeMay.  I am SO glad she could join us once again this year.”

– Nancy Woodland, Executive Director, West Side Baby, Seattle WA