This is your journey 

Raising Change is here to help you uncover & discover your PURPOSE & PASSION, go from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE and, help you find MEANING in an ever-changing world. 

Listen to our FREE podcasts designed just for you, download blueprints to get yourself started on the strategies that help you go from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE. 


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We've had so many donors come to us and say, "I serve on boards, volunteer frequently and give away money but when I look at it all at the end of each year, I still don't really know if I'm making a difference." 

We work with donors to craft meaningful and tactical Generosity Plans that combine your time, talent, treasure, heart and spirit to make a real difference. We know philanthropy: local, national, global. Whatever your interest area, we will help you make a difference around the world or in your own backyard. 

We explore with you and help you UNCOVER and DISCOVER your purpose and passion. We help you say no to those projects that are not a match for you, getting you on the road to go from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE. We help you to build out the strategy that will transform you and the community around you. 

If you're ready to discover your purpose and passion, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you. 

"It's exciting to be in partnership with the Raising Change team. They have a unique ability to authentically engage families in designing and implementing philanthropic plans which align strategy with purpose and passion."

-James Benedict, Cavendish Global 


This is your journey

We know. Fundraising can be scary, intimidating, overwhelming. We can help you transform fear into FEARLESSNESS, caution into CONFIDENCE, and overwhelm into OH, I SO GOT THIS. 

You can be a great fundraiser. You can raise the resources you need to fund the cause you care so deeply about. All of the gifts are in you. We work with you and your organization to put your values, story, voice, and talents at the forefront of your work. 

We know fundraising. We know philanthropy. Contact us to build a legacy as a champion for your cause or to work with your team in building a successful Culture of Philanthropy. 


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The average tenure of a development professional in the United States is less than 18 months. How can we achieve mission fulfillment if the individuals mobilizing resources to fund the work leave from burnout, overwhelm, and a lack of access to skills and training? We want to see a fully trained, high-performance development sector that feels fulfilled in and inspired by their work.

If you want to raise more money, feel more confident in fundraising, tackle stress and burnout head on, discover new ways to enroll and engage donors, understand new trends in philanthropy and what these mean for you, and simply know when it's time to ask for a gift, these tools are for you.

If you're an Executive Director, we know you need a skilled and successful development director. We know you want to avoid fundraiser turnover in your organization. We know that for you to be successful you must have a healthy and robust philanthropic program. 

Raising Change has worked with organizations with budgets of $50,000 to $1 billion and everything in between. We have helped small and large non profits and NGO's shape their programmatic and funding strategies to empower donors and fundraisers and move each of us closer to mission fulfillment.